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PANVIEW IQ®: Complete passive infrastructure management

PANDUIT® presents the PANVIEW IQ® intelligent cabling management system, the only one on the market that can fully guarantee patch security, integrated in its PIM® global physical infrastructure management platform.

APC® by Schneider Electric - thermal containment

APC® by Schneider Electric presents the Rack Air Containment System as an alternative to cold-heat aisle containment. RACS is a modular system that runs with NetShelter® SX racks and APC® InRow® cooling units to provide maximum cooling supply, capacity and efficiency.

AMX® launches the RMS Enterprise management platform

AMX┬« has announced the launch of the Resource Management Suite┬« (RMS) EnterpriseÔäó software. RMS features remote equipment management from a control panel that allows centralised management and control of audiovisual equipment, lighting, climate control and other building functions.

New ELine 500® plus by LEONI-KERPEN

LEONI-KERPEN has launched its ELine 500® plus, a high-performance RJ45 modular connector. As usual, this product by the German manufacturer fulfils international standards in accordance with the Cat. 6A standard (IEC 60603-7-51; ISO/IEC 11801 Amendment 2) guaranteeing performance up to 500 Mhz.

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