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Our corporate values include setting up strategic partnerships with leading New Technology manufacturers. Long-lasting ties with prestigious firms allow us to share knowledge to provide solutions that deliver the added value that customers expect of us when they place their trust in us.

The literal definition of “Partner” clearly shows what a partnership with a manufacturer means for VYDEKTRA: “an associate who collaborates with others to reach common goals”. That goal is none other than customer satisfaction.

PANDUIT is a world-wide US manufacturer that provides latest-generation solutions to help organisations optimise the productivity of their physical infrastructure through simplified, streamlined and efficient solutions.

UNITE Technologies is a global solution provider, especialized in energetic management, access control and security, as well as surveillance and enviromental management solutions for Data Center enviroments.

DATWYLER is a highly-qualified Swiss developer and manufacturer that supplies cutting-edge cables and cabling systems for international IT markets, covering both copper and optic fiber technologies.

XIRRUS is an american high performance Wi-fi solutions manufacturer. Its distributed solution, of multiple radius made for a high density of Wi-fi users, offers the industry's most scalable mobile platform. It's easier to implement, more profitable and it can grow as well as technology improves its performance and capabilities.

Innovative architectures for “Data Centre” from APC By Schneider Electric integrate modular power supply, cooling and environment management systems with an optimised design for rack mounting in any size IT rooms, from cabling racks to large data centres.

LUTRON® is the world leader in lighting control. It provides the highest service level, designing and manufacturing over 10,000 products for almost any type of government, hotel, residential or commercial project, regulating the intensity of practically any kind of light.

BOSCH Security's product and solution range includes Security Video, intrusion and perimeter control applications, with a distinguished focus for consumer and professional environments.

OnTrace is a privately-held manufacturer company of unique and groundbreaking analytics solutions for retail and access control industries, acquiring useful data for the operational efficiency and business intelligence. We provide solutions based on image analysis and tracking techniques to help companies measure acceptable and unacceptable behaviors related marketing, sales, customer service and safety.

IDEAL NETWORKS has a wide range of testing and network certification hardware for copper, fiber and wi-fi applying both LAN environments and Telecommunications access Infrastructures.

Polycom is the global leader of unified communications (UC) based in standards for offering telepresence, video and voice services.

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